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Sunless Spray Tanning (UV Free)

Sunless Spray Tanning


MYSTIC TAN™ UV-Free Spray Tanning is fast, easy, and uses MagneTan technology to create a streak-free, and natural looking sunless tan. Available in 3 shades of color to fit each skin tone best.

Mystic Tan programs & specials available!


  • 3 – Levels of color available (light, medium or dark)
  • Fast and easy full body application
  • UV free – safe for your skin

MYSTIC TAN™ Innovation and Classic Series


innovationmystictangirlThe Mystic Tan™ is a fast and easy way to achieve a natural- looking golden tan in less than 60 seconds. This UV-free spray tanning system provides customers of all skin types with the smoothest, most even, natural-looking tan possible. Inside the Mystic Tan room the tanner simply disrobes and enters the booth. With the push of a button the session begins with a fine mist of Aloe Vera enriched sunless-tanning solution being sprayed through the patented Mystic Tan™ MagneTan™ nozzles. The MagneTan™ technology ensures uniform coverage over the entire body, instantly transforming into a quick natural-looking tan that continues to darken throughout the day and reaches its maximum potential after 4 hours.

PLEASE NOTE *Clients are advised to prepare their skin for the Mystic Tan by exfoliating prior to their session. Additionally, clients should wait a minimum of 4 hours, before showering or engaging in vigorous activities such as exercising. Salt water and chlorine should be avoided to prevent unwanted streaking and fading.

Mystic Tan programs and specials available!

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